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Concierge Partners

One of the benefits of staying at Zen Den Scottsdale is having local hosts. We have tremendous connections in all realms of business that will enhance your experience.

Once booked, please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about any of our partners and their services and/or would like to be connected to this fabulous team of professionals.

Concierge partners Zen Den Scottsdale
  • Meals cooked by a private chef right in front of you or delivered if you prefer.

  • Dining suggestions and reservations with our concierge staff.

  • Transportation to and from the airport and/or designated driver will safely take you anywhere around town.

  • Personal shopper to fill the kitchen with food/drinks before you arrive.

  • IV Drip Duo nursing team will provide in-home IV therapy to help you feel great!

  • Charcuterie master to customize a platter and deliver to you.

  • Help with planning local trips or help with special events.

  • Soothing, guided wellness workshop for you or your group right in Zen Den.

  • In-home massage therapist will work out any travel kinks or chronic aches.

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