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These are a Few Of Our Favorite Things...

We love to find treasures near and far- especially ones that add some 'Zen' to our lives! Click on the links of the items you love that you may have seen in our home. You can purchase either directly or through us. Keep checking as we are always adding more!

Zen Den Candles

Zen Den Candles
Zen Den Candles can be purchased directly through us.
Please email us for more information on availability and pricing!

NEST NY Products

Though you can only purchase NEST NY Sicilian Tangerine shampoos, conditioners, and lotions if you are a business, you can purchase their hand soaps, candles, and diffusers.

NESTL Linens

NESTL Linens Zen Den Scottsdale
Love the softness of our linens? When we found this brand, we loved them so much that we purchased them for our own home, too! 

Zen Garden

Zen Garden
Believe it or not- this relaxing, fun zen garden can be purchased through Amazon!
Zen Garden

ZDS Custom Room Sprays

Zen Den Scottsdale Room Sprays
We love a good smell, don't you? Known to get lost in candle and perfume stores, my husband can attest to this! We found this handcrafted company out of Austin, TX to help create our own signature scents that you, too, can purchase! 
email us for more information on availability and pricing!

White Noise Sound Machine

White Noise Machine
We love sleeping with the Marpac Dohm Classic The Original White Noise Machine in our own house, so we wanted our guests to have this option. Our first guest wrote that she 'slept like a baby' when using it!
Sweet Dreams!
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